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“To provide a complete and professional recruitment service to help our clients save time, money and effort in finding the best possible candidates whose skills and experience fully match their requirements.”

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Dunross was established in Prague in 2004. Initially the company was focused on international recruitment, sourcing staff from the new EU countries of the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland for positions in the UK and Ireland.

However in the beginning of 2007 Dunross began to offer it’s services to Czech based companies on a trial basis. The early results of this were positive and by July 2007 it was decided to push forward with a full operation aimed at recruiting for upper and middle management positions.

In 2008 as development on the Czech market continued at a rapid pace Dunross decided to gradually phase out the international aspect of it’s operation and devote it’s attentions 100% to the local market. With this clear focus Dunross was able to hold it’s ground during the difficult years of 2009 & 2010 when the global financial crises had strong negative impacts on the recruitment market as a whole.


Dunross strictly stands by it’s ethical standards on both the side of client and candidate. For candidates we strictly adhere to all relevant legislation related to the protection of personal information. We also will never submit a candidate’s cv without first gaining prior consent and providing full information about both the opportunity and the company.

Regarding clients we recommend only those candidates who we honestly believe fulfill the requirements we have been given. We maintain strict professional confidentiality with regards to any information about our clients and we never head hunt candidates who are currently employed by one of our clients. Additionally we will not work with candidates we have placed with a client (even in the case we are approached directly by the candidate) with out the full knowledge and consent of the client.


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